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Tarot Readings

If you are having trouble making an important decision or just need some guidance, a reading might be for you. Readings are available in person or by phone, and can even be set up in your own home! No neon signs, hype, or gimmicks. A reading with Deborah Vaughan consists of a deep one-on-one evaluation of your situation guided by intuition and positive Spirit. Find the answers to your deepest questions, such as:


  • Is He/She My Soulmate?
  • Is He/She Right For Me?

  • Is He/She Being Honest?

  • Is He/She Being Faithful To Me?

  • Same Sex Relationship Questions

  • Is My Mate Having An Affair On Me?

  • Questions about Deceased Loved Ones

  • Leaving Abusive Relationships

  • Career Change and Major Life Changes

  • Business Merger and Acquisition Questions

  • Are My Business Partners Honest?

  • Will I Win My Court Case/Child Custody?

  • Major Life Changes and More…

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